Our Community

We want to have a positive impact on our backyard, our town, and our world!

Our Promise to the Environment

We know our industry is in danger — along with the rest of the food chain — from the disappearance of bees in our world. Having studied some of the causes and learned more about sustainable and humane beekeeping, we’re doing our best to handle our bees with care and attention, harvest crops in sustainable quantities, and have a positive impact on our environment.

Whenever possible, we use local produce and services to minimize the “food miles” of our drinks, and we carefully harvest ingredients from the wild or our own gardens. We even own an electric car used for Pollen Angels keg deliveries!

Our Promise to You

While local, sustainable craft beverages are popular now, we don’t want to just ride the wave. We want to ensure people can feel good about drinking our meads, so we take care when researching and developing recipes to make sure we can source as many ingredients locally as possible.

We want to provide a premium, artisanal experience¬†while¬†upholding the standards of mead set by the AMMA, the American Mead Makers’ Association, of which we are a member. As much as possible, we keep gluten out of our meads, minimize sulfites, and avoid animal products in our filtration.

Our Promise to the Industry

The tide is rising for every craft brewing industry right now. We’re part of NBCAPA, the New Brunswick Craft Alcohol Producers’ Association, an organization working to update liquor legislation, raise awareness about craft beverage options in the area, and foster mutually beneficial relationships between craft alcohol producers.

Meanwhile, in the mead industry specifically, we want to ensure we pave the way for future meads by producing high-quality, delicious beverages that change people’s perceptions of what mead can be. Mead is becoming enormously popular throughout North America and as this revival of mead spreads, we want to help shape the future of the industry.